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  Jiusko Jihao is committed to bringing creative and tasteful wristwatches to consumers, so that those who are keen on wristwatch life can enjoy better quality life experience. Guided by the advanced concept, with strong strength and exquisite workmanship, it has created an amazing boutique and become the watch brand expected by the majority of consumers.

  [tabulation concept]
"Jiusko Jihao" takes "brand culture as the core, customer demand as the guide, and exquisite technology as the support" as the watchmaking concept, and is committed to providing consumers with quality watches with constant companionship, containing life and mechanical aesthetics. It completes each watch with a dedicated and professional attitude, and always believes that this is a reflection of the brand image and product quality, as well as a visible and tangible one Brand commitment.

 [production base] 
     Jiusko Jihao has a complete industrial chain of R & D, design, manufacturing and sales. Relying on the supporting mature production base, jiusko Jihao adheres to product quality, attaches great importance to watch performance, continuously improves R & D, manufacturing capacity and technological innovation, invests in the configuration of various advanced watch making equipment and testing equipment, and formulates strict quality standards for the products, and completes the system strictly All process procedures of the table.

   Jihao's achievements are supported by this advanced concept and powerful strength. As a result, Jihao can make continuous progress and bring more masterpieces of watches.

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