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Strictly control each tabulation link

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  Jiusko Jihao watch takes a strict attitude towards the quality of wristwatch, runs through every manufacturing process and product inspection, and is committed to providing consumers with quality wristwatch experience.

   Jihao's pursuit of high quality is almost harsh. In order to strictly control the process quality, Jihao strictly grasps all the important links of tabulation, and runs through all processes from parts assembly to finished product quality inspection.

   And high quality is inseparable from every detail of precision production. In order to ensure the long-term and harmonious operation of multiple parts in the square inch of wristwatch, it is necessary to ensure the concentration and precision of the technology. Therefore, although the modern tabulation technology has reached a high degree of automation, Jihao table still attaches great importance to the delicate craftsmanship. The quality enjoyment brought by this kind of Kung Fu is also visible and touchable by people in the industry and watch lovers.

      It is Jihao watches that never relax the requirements for the quality of wristwatches, which makes the existing brilliance and is loved by more and more wristwatch lovers.

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