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Assemble every timepiece with rigorous artistic attitude

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  Jiusko Jihao always stands at the height of brand strategy to think about the life attitude contained in jiusko's watch, and is committed to breaking through the traditional concept of the watch, making continuous development in the design and technology of the watch, and assembling each timepiece with a rigorous artistic attitude.

  Before assembling the watch, a series of tests will be carried out on the components (dial, case, chain, movement, etc.) to ensure that they can withstand any potential external force attack, such as chemical erosion, physical limit and mechanical tolerance. Test items include UV resistance, abrasion resistance test and shock absorption, as well as fall protection test.

  After identifying the technical quality of the components, another set of quality management processes will be carried out immediately: aesthetic appreciation of the components, original check of the dial, quality of carving, and overall presentation of the wristwatch, so as to achieve perfection. At the same time, the bezel and dial with outstanding light must be controlled under the magnifying glass.

      From the moment the dial is placed on the movement, the assembly begins. The operator then places the machine body on the bracket, launches the suction procedure for the pointer, and places the hour, minute and second pointer on the bearing of the movement core one by one. The master watchmaker then assembled the movement and dial, installed the bottom cover of the case, and engraved the model of the watch style.

  After the strap is installed and the chain buckle is attached, the wristwatch must go through a comprehensive, precise and strict quality management procedure for the tail wheel, and then it can be put into a special watch box, waiting to meet with the majority of wristwatch lovers.

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